Women Business Development

  • World wide the percentage of Women entrepreneurs stand at an average of 7% to 14% belonging mostly to the MSME sector. In Pakistan it stands at a low of 3%.
  • Being a mother and a Masters in Gender I can say with confidence that women entrepreneurship is a choice career for women and should be encouraged from the micro to the corporate.  
  • After years of focus on Women empowerment, we now need to focus on how to develop and upscale women owned businesses hence the formulation of this committee at the LCCI.
  • To enhance the number of women in business, the Government needs to bring in Gender supportive Trade policies. It is one of the objectives of this committee to send a proposal to the Federal Government on Gender Supportive Trade Policies.

Objectives of the Standing Committee

  • The focus of this committee is to support, facilitate and help to upscale women owned businesses.
  • There is a lack of communication between Regulators and Women Entrepreneurs regarding the laws in place already for women. These maybe protective or trade related.

Make Proposals for the Federal Government to formulate Gender Supportive Trade Policies including Access to Finance.

  • Training sessions for existing and new women entrepreneurs
  • Networking sessions with Regulatory Bodies.
  • Exhibitions to showcase their products
  • Providing guidelines to women entrepreneurs on product pricing, presentation and development.
  • Getting International Consultants to evaluate and advise women on how to adapt their products for the developed markets