Role Of Women Of LCCI

  • Women were not a part of the Executive Board till a law was passed by the Government and all Boards were bound to add women to their boards. As a result two seats were allocated to women members at LCCI  in 2008 hence representation of women entrepreneurs in the board.
  • In 2008, as part of the board I took up the initiative of reviving the Women Resource Centre initially started in partnership with CIPE, using it to organize :-
    • Business Trainings of women members
    • Mentoring of women members
    • Exhibitions for women members
    • Meeting with Local and International Trade Bodies.
    • Introducing concept of Social Media Marketing.

Issues being faced by Women Entrepreneurs

  • Women need to be encouraged and facilitated to join the workforce as entrepreneurs. They shall prove to be strong drivers of economy and bring about a positive change. The challenges faced by women in the business environment of South Asia are quite similar. Women have the potential if trained, supported, facilitated and given a chance can bring about a change in the dynamics of the economy of any country.
    • The major issues faced are:  
        • Lack of awareness and limited access to business information.
        • Lack of Training and Skill Development.
        • Lack of Access to finance
        • Lack of networking and communication gap  between women entrepreneurs and regulatory bodies.
    • Lack of Trade policies which are Gender supportive.